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We are a full service provider here at the Zoo

When it comes to any type of “two-wheeler” including (but not limited to) Motorcycle, Custom Build, Chopper, Dirt Bike or anything on two wheels, we can handle it.

We provide total service from start to finish. Our Strategic Partner, Philly Custom Cycles provides all mechanical services to better serve our clients.

If your two-wheeler needs to be disassembled, or have any mechanical work completed so that we can do our job as best we can, Philly Custom Cycles are our go-to guys.

Once we have your disassembled bike, we go to work from start to finish to ensure a perfect paint job is provided.

This includes stripping down any piece, part or item to its bare form to begin from scratch. Pieces such as tanks, fenders, forks, entire frames, any custom made or manufactured parts and more.

Then the fun part for us takes place… We will discuss selecting your color/s, art work, design, and other custom services such as Gold Leafing, Pinstriping, Metal Flaking, Kandy Paint and other cool effects.

Once we have completed all paint work for your project, we then clear coat it and polish it to a mirror finish.

After we have finished our work to its fullest, you will then inspect our work to ensure complete satisfaction so that Philly Custom Cycles can reassemble your bike, with precision and total efficiency.

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